Updated Covid-19 Office Policies

Our office is fully open. Infusion therapy continues without interruption. Most patient visits are in-office. We offer televisit appointments in some circumstances, but for most patients the physical examination is an important part of your evaluation. If you have questions about whether to schedule an in-office visit or a televisit, please send your doctor a […]

COVID-19 Vaccine and Your Medications

We recommend delaying some medications during Covid-19 vaccination (including when you receive a booster). Here is a list of medicines that we recommend that you stop briefly while receiving Covid-19 vaccination: Methotrexate – Hold (do not take) methotrexate for 7 days after each vaccine dose. You can resume taking methotrexate on day 8 after each […]

How to Prepare For A Telemedicine Visit

You may schedule a televisit with your doctor if: You live in Maryland You are an established patient in our practice You have portal access, and You have a smart phone or a computer with a camera You can either call the office to schedule a televisit, or you can call to switch an existing […]