COVID-19 vaccine and your medications

Some medications need to be delayed during Covid-19 vaccination. Here is a list of medicines that you will need to stop briefly while receiving Covid-19 vaccination: Methotrexate – Hold (do not take) methotrexate for 7 days after each vaccine dose. You can resume taking methotrexate on day 8 after each vaccine dose. You do not […]

How to Prepare For A Telemedicine Visit

You may schedule a televisit with your doctor if: You live in Maryland You are an established patient in our practice You have portal access, and You have a smart phone or a computer with a camera You can either call the office to schedule a televisit, or you can call to switch an existing […]

Updated Covid-19 Office Policies

Our office is fully open. Infusion therapy continues without interruption. Patient visits are being conducted both in-office and with remote televisits. The lab is open to draw blood tests. Please use CURBSIDE CHECK-IN when you arrive to avoid sitting in the waiting room. You can wait in your car or in the building lobby until […]

Welcome Dr. Seems Goya!

Dr. Seema Goyal joined Dr. Mullins and Dr. Sharma last spring. Dr. Goyal is board certified in adult rheumatology. Before joining the Center for Rheumatic Diseases, Dr. Goyal served for 3 years as Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Rheumatology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, NY, then several years […]