How to Prepare For A Telemedicine Visit

You may schedule a televisit with your doctor if:
  1. You live in Maryland
  2. You are an established patient in our practice
  3. You have portal access, and
  4. You have a smart phone or a computer with a camera
You can either call the office to schedule a televisit, or you can call to switch an existing appointment from an in-person visit to a televisit at any time before your appointment.
To log onto your televisit:
  1. Log onto the Healow app using your patient portal username and password
  2. Click on the “appointments” tab
  3. Click on the “televisit” icon under the appointment time
  4. Click on “Start televisit” on the bottom of the screen.
  5. Click on “Submit vitals” to skip this screen
  6. Click “Start televisit” to notify your doctor that you are ready for the visit.

You are all set! Your doctor will join the televisit call in just a few moments.

Alternate Platform if you do not have Healow
We are also using the HIPAA compliant televisit platform to perform televisits. To use, the staff will call you to get some preliminary information, then they will send you a link by email to connect with the office. When your doctor signs on, click the link to start the visit. You are all set!
Please note that your doctor may decide that a physical examination is essential to diagnose your joint problem, or to assess your current medicines and make medication changes. In that case we will ask that you come in for an in-person exam. New patients cannot be evaluated by telemedicine. All new patients will require an in-person appointment with your new doctor.